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At N.R. Burnett we stock chipboard, melamine faced chipboard, medium density fibreboard (MDF) and a range of plywood panels including chinese hardwood & softwood, marine grade and birch. 


Chipboard is manufactured by combining wood chips (a large percentage of which are recycled timber) with resin before forming and pressing under heated pressure, chipboard is a cheaper alternative to MDF based products for certain applications. 


Manufactured by combining wood chips (a large percentage of which are recycled timber) with resin before forming and pressing under heated pressure, chipboard is a cheaper alternative to MDF based products for certain applications. 

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) 

Commonly referred to as MDF, this versatile material is an engineered wood product manufactured by combining wood fibres with wax and resins which are then formed and pressed under high temperature and pressure and finally sanded to produce the finished board. 
Being uniform throughout the panel, it has excellent machining properties and its smooth surfaces lend itself to receiving a variety of finishes including painting, veneering and laminating. 
A non-structural panel, MDF is available in Standard, Moisture Resistant, Exterior and Flame Retardant grades, making it an ideal board for furniture making, shopfitting, exhibition displays, wall panelling, skirting, architraves and windowboards. 

Our Products 

Standard Grade Chipboard 
A non-structural panel, furniture grade chipboard, or P2, is used extensively as a core board and then laminated with either a melamine impregnated decorative paper, decorative foil or wood veneer. 
Although suitable for many general joinery applications, P2 chipboard is only suitable for dry conditions and not recommended for use in areas of high humidity as any ingress of moisture to non-treated surfaces or edges will result in the board swelling. 
Plywood - Chinese Hardwood 
A general purpose panel, thicknesses usually available from 3.6 to 25mm, is manufactured using either a mixture of Eucalyptus and Poplar or Eucalyptus throughout for the core veneers, and either Eucalyptus or Kosipo, for the face veneers.  
The glueline of the panel conforms to Class 2, which means it is suitable for humid conditions indoors, or outdoors, providing it is protected from the elements. A Class 3, alternative would be suitable for exterior use where exposed to the elements, but it would still be wise to apply some protection to the faces and edges. 9mm and above Class 3, plywood is also suitable for structural applications. 
Typical uses for this plywood would include, depending on the grade chosen, packaging, portable unit and caravan manufacturing, shopfitting, flooring, roofing and wall lining. 
Plywood - Birch 
Plywood manufactured using a multi veneer construction, usually of the same thickness, which results in a panel offering greater stability and machining properties. Usually available in 4 up to 24mm thickness and having a consistent pale colour in appearance, this plywood is normally used where a superior quality end result is required.  
Available in a variety of grades ranging from no face defects to patches, open knots and small veneer splits. A wide variety of phenolic film faced boards are also available and used extensively in the vehicle and shopfitting industry. 
Flooring Grade Chipboard 
Following the manufacturing process of P2 chipboard, Moisture resistant, or P5, is used extensively in the house building industry for flooring applications and comes with the option of a non-slip, peel clean film to keep the board clean during wet trade applications or a heavy duty protective film which, when fixed correctly, will give up to six weeks exposure to the elements prior to roof fixing. Typically, P5 panels are produced tongued and grooved on all edges increasing the structural capability when the panels are laid. Large size panels are also available to cater for the caravan, portable and modular building markets 
Plywood - Chinese Softwood 
Manufactured using Radiata Pine for both core and face veneers, this plywood offers a lighter alternative to hardwood plywood whilst retaining its structural properties. It also has the advantage of laying flatter than other softwood plywood available in the marketplace. 
Normally available in 9.5 to 24mm it’s an ideal plywood for general joinery work, flooring, roofing and wall lining including areas of high humidity, and exterior work where it is protected from the elements. 
MDF Sheets 
We are able to offer a full range of MDF from market leading manufacturers, available in standard and Moisture Resistant grade ex stock. 
Sheets sizes: 2440 x 1220, 3050 x 1220mm ex stock on most thicknesses, other sheet sizes are available to order in various thicknesses and grades. 
We are also able to obtain Full Exterior and Fire Retardant grades at a couple of days’ notice. 
Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) 
Information to come 
Plywood - Malaysian Marine Grade 
A high quality plywood which is 3rd Party Certified to BS1088, is as the name suggests, used primarily in boat and yacht building as the manufacturing process lends itself to resist water and moisture ingress. It is however recommended that all faces and edges are sealed before or after installation as it is not rot proof. Available thicknesses range from 6 up to 25mm. 
An engineered wood product which is a cost effective alternative to plywood, for some applications. 
Manufactured by orienting strands of timber, coated in resin before pressing at a high temperature. As a result, the board has no core voids or knots which produces an extremely strong panel. 
A structural panel for use in humid conditions, OSB, can be used for a variety of applications including; roofing, flooring, wall sheathing, packaging and furniture making. Speciality products such as Flame Retardant and Site Protect, a double sided coated panel which eliminates the need for further finishing on site, are also available. 
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