Keruing Grain Drying Floor 

N R Burnett's ventilated drive-on grain drying floors provide a flexible, reliable and efficient crop drying and storage system, which can easily handle the throughput of modern machinery. Our floors are designed and manufactured to a high specification using top-grade hardwood boards, supplied in short lengths for ease of maintenance. 
Our hardwood top boards are manufactured from selected Keruing timber, which is kiln-dried prior to precision machining to eliminate the potential for shrinkage. This treatment significantly reduces the risk of the ventilation mesh becoming detached in service. 
The floors are supported by treated softwood bearers. These form apertures through which air is blown by a fan via a main air duct. Most suitable buildings with the addition of perimeter walls can be converted to a modern storage facility. The drying floor can be adapted to fit most types of existing main air duct. 
A traditional fan house.. 
Main Air Ducts 
Drive-on floor main air ducts can be priced in a variety of heights and made available to suit timber floors, above-floor laterals and level-floor laterals and boxes. Goods required for building dividers can be provided to connect from the duct walkway to the roof of the building. 
The main air ducts are manufactured using the same high-grade timber as in our floor products. They are supplied with softwood frames and superior hardwood faced ply cladding. The main air ducts must be carefully designed and constructed to ensure minimal system loss and achieve maximum drying performance. 
The fans can be mounted either above or below the duct walkway or on the end of the duct in a traditional fan house. A full timber and plywood fan house can be priced and supplied by ourselves 
Our design uses flat expanded metal inserts set approximately 20mm below the surface, leaving sufficient timber above the inserts for strength. Consequently more of the crop will be retained on the floor than a more flush inserts, however the flush inserts are more costly and are more likely to be caught by tractor's front scoop. 
To make it easier to sweep any grain down the floor our keruing boards have bevelled edges for a more flush look. 
Clean out panels 
On all floors, a removable pre-fabricated section in each floor unit is provided for removal of dust and small trash. (see picture below) 
Self Installation 
For clients wishing to self-install our floors you can be supplied with everything from timber bearers, top boards and galvanized steel mesh inserts. We can also supply all the plywood for the air ducts and fan housing. 
Laying final pieces of keruing flooring.. 
The finished product.. 
Drive-on floor gives the opportunity to drive grain to the back of the warehouse.. 
Keruing grain stores are more than capable to withstand tractors and trailer weight 
Removable end plates allow for clearing out any dust and grain 
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