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Clear softwoods such as Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar are available from stock in most commonly used sections. Other sizes and species of clear softwoods are available on request. All clear softwood can be supplied sawn or machined to your bespoke requirements. 


N. R. Burnett stock only the best carcassing available so whether you are building an extension, a housing project or simply renewing your decking joists you can be assured the right quality timber for the job. 
Please check the following list for our range of building timber. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact our sales team for your specific requirements. 
Treated Timber Fencing 
Treated Poles 
Decking and Decking Accessories 
Strength Graded Joists (C16 or C24) 
Sawn Firings (Made to Order) 
Treatment Available (Clear, Green, Brown) 
Large Section and Long Lengths Available to Order 

Our Products 

Carcassing C16 Graded 
C16 graded timber allows for a number of defects that may reduce the overall strength of the wood, such as grain deviations and wanes, as well as an unlimited amount of superficial defects that do not affect the strength of the wood, such as blue sap stains and the like. C16 is the most widely used timber in the UK as it is strong enough to be used in most applications and is considered to be the most cost- effective timber option. 
One thing to bear in mind is C16 is likely to be Homegrown which essentially means it is grown quicker than C24 imported timbers. We can source C16 graded timbers, C16 graded timber is strong enough for some applications such as wall plates, studwork, rafters, joists etc. 
We mostly keep good quality imported graded carcassing timber most of which is C24 grade, these days tend to be heavy to C24 grade. Due to good relationships with our suppliers, we can often offer C24 imported timbers at the same price as our competitors who are offering C16 homegrown timbers. This means you will receive a better quality of timber for the same price. 
Carcassing C24 Graded 
C24 boards have fewer defects than C16 graded timber and the timber is therefore stronger and more resilient than C16 boards. You will also find that C24 boards have a more uniformed and neat appearance as there are fewer physical imperfections on the surface of the board. 
C24 timber has been graded to a higher standard than C16. It’s a premium piece of timber that can handle higher loads and wider spans. 
C24 grade can only be achieved by importing timber from areas where the climate forces a slower growth rate and hence a tighter grain. 
C16 and C24 Graded Treated 
We can also offer pressure treated timbers which involves preservatives being forced into the timber, not just surface coating it, in order to enhance protection. The quality of timber can deteriorate from the effect of water, fungal decay, and the activity of insects, such as beetles and termites.  
Therefore, the introduction of chemical preservatives helps extend the life of this prime sustainable construction material, and, in turn, reduces the levels of upkeep and repair needed. 
Pressure treated wood is used in domestic and commercial construction, as well as for decking, fencing and other landscape gardening features, such as arbours. 
Canadian Lumber Standard (CLS) 
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Treated Roof Battens 
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