Wind Tested 
Withstands winds of up to 110mph
Patented & Made in the UK 
Patented design and readily available in over 180+ stockists nationwide 
25 Year Guarantee 
DuraPost doesn't rot, split, crack or warp. 
Price Comparable to Concrete 
Similar prices but with all the benefits of using DuraPost 
Can be used with virtually any type of fencing 
Maintenance free 
Requires no ongoing treatment once installed. 


As time goes on, wood can start to rot, warp and eventually fall. 
That's why many have turned to using steel fence posts. 
The longevity of your fence is crucial. You don’t want to be spending time and money replacing your fence every 5 years, do you? This can be the case when opting for untreated timber. 
Timber fence posts can be kept in reasonable shape using treatments and sealers. But this takes time and becomes costly in the long run. 
Steel fence posts however require minimal maintenance. 
In fact, DuraPost is completely maintenance-free. 
Once installed, you won’t have to think about your fence posts again. No ongoing treatment is required, and your fence will remain as good as new. 

3 reasons your fence suffered storm damage this Winter 

Poor fence installation 
Probably the most common cause of fallen and damaged fences, poor installation can seriously harm the stability of your fence. As the wind picks up and your fence starts to sway, an un-stable fence can only hold on for so long. 
From holes or gaps in the fence, to tilted fence posts and use of incorrect nails, there are several reasons your fence could become unstable. To avoid this scenario, be sure to use a trusted fencing contractor for the installation of your fence. 
Weakly designed fencing 
The design and materials of your fencing itself will affect its ability to withstand strong winds. For instance, standard timber fence posts typically don’t fare well against strong winds. 
Incorrect nail usage 
The nails used to secure your fence in place are extremely important. After all, they keep your fence in one piece and ultimately, your garden secure. 
Using low-quality nails that are prone to rust is a problem in itself. Not only do the orange/brown stains create an ugly appearance, but cause integral damage to your fence such as rotting and splinters. 
Now, throw some harsh winds into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a fallen fence. In short, rusty nails equal a damaged fence, and a damaged fence doesn’t have the best odds against strong winds. 

Why DuraPost? 

DuraPost was designed to address the pitfalls of traditional concrete and timber fence posts. 
DuraPost is made in the UK from galvanised steel with a wide range of contemporary colours. Patented and Registered Design Protected, it is 100% recyclable at end-of-life, giving you a sustainable choice for your fence. Unlike traditional fence posts, DuraPost won’t rot, warp or crack and is maintenance free. That’s why we’re confident to give our product up to a 25-year guarantee. 
With a wide range of colours, styles and with matching accessories, you can create a truly unique, long-lasting and stylish garden with DuraPost. 

Gravel Boards 

As well as the posts themselves there are a range of accessories available, including gravel boards, post caps and fence capping. 
If desired, standard concrete gravel boards will also fit between the posts. 

Perks of using DuraPost instead of concrete or timber posts 

Ultimately, the aesthetics of a fence post comes down to personal preference. Having said that, a wooden fence post certainly creates a far more natural effect than concrete. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a stylish, elegant and modern looking fence, DuraPost is the way forward. Not only does DuraPost offer a great looking fence, you have the ability to choose colour matched capping rails, gravel boards and post caps for a customised fence just the way you want it
The longevity of a fence must be taken into consideration. A fence post system that’s prone to wear and tear just isn’t cost-effective in the long run. Another thing to note, damaged fence posts can bring health and safety risks to your outdoor space - a rotting fence won’t stand for long in strong winds, so consider this when deciding on your new fence. 
Concrete is a durable building material and can last for around 20 years with minimal maintenance. Sounds promising doesn’t it? Surprisingly, concrete isn’t immune to wear and tear. Excessive wind and rain can cause concrete posts to chip and crack. This often leads to the interior wire reinforcements becoming exposed, weakening the structure. 
In comparison, the lifespan of timber fence posts can vary depending on the type of wood used. While treated timber posts can last from anywhere between 10-15 years, What's more, rotting, splitting and warping (where the post expands upon water absorption) are all very common occurrences for wooden fence post systems. 
DuraPost posts have endless recyclability, a low energy manufacturing process and long-life span which offers an environmentally-friendly option for everyone. Furthermore, DuraPost is both manufactured and stocked in the UK. This means transportation miles are cut significantly, reducing emissions and impact on the planet. So, if you’re passionate about the environment, we suggest DuraPost is the fence for you. 
Although cost-effective in the short term, due to rotting, splitting and warping, opting for timber fence posts often means a high lifetime cost. While concrete is also cheap to buy, the vulnerability to wear and tear also means a high lifetime cost. Now, let’s see how DuraPost compares. 
DuraPost requires a greater upfront cost than concrete and timber fence posts, however the long term cost-effectiveness puts all competition in the shade. The 25-year warranty, strength and durability offers a fence system that won’t need replacing any time soon. 
We have a full size post, some smaller samples of some of the different colours, and a section of gravel board in branch if you wish to come have a look and see for yourself how easy to manage the DuraPosts are. 
For more details on DuraPost by FenceMate visit their website or ask a member of our staff in branch.. 
DuraPost have put together a handy comparison chart between concrete, timber and their own posts to show the pros and cons between the 3 different types of most common fence posts. Click the link below to view.. 
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