Joinery & Construction Timber Differences and Info 

Joinery Timber 
At N.R. Burnett we stock a good range of softwood joinery products in a variety of grades including, Unsorted, 5ths, Sawfalling and 6ths. These products are ideal for planing and machining and are suitable for a variety of uses. 
Construction Timber 
Clear softwoods such as Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar are available from stock in most commonly used sections. Other sizes and species of clear softwoods are available on request. All clear softwood can be supplied sawn or machined to your bespoke requirements. 

Joinery Timber 

Unsorted Redwood 
This is the best quality joinery timber, where the lower grades have been removed or sorted. Mainly used where the visible finish is important, such as doors, windows or stairs. Unsorted is also used for skirting, architraves and other internal mouldings where a high-quality finish is essential. 
Unsorted Joinery has a low knot content, straight grain and a smooth finish. 
5ths Redwood 
This is a more multi-purpose grade, which has a huge variety of uses. 5ths Grade is typically used for Cladding, Flooring, Skirting, Architraves, Dado Rail and many others. 
5ths Grade Joinery still maintains the smooth finish of unsorted but has a slightly higher knot content 
Greensplit & Heartfree 
Greensplit and Heartfree Joinery cuts out the centre of the log before Kilning which reduces defects even further. Used for a wide range of joinery applications and for specialist trades. 
Western Red Cedar 
Western Red Cedar is a popular choice for Cladding, Shingles, Panels, Decking as well as many other uses. It is available in a wide range of patterns, widths and thicknesses offering further flexibility in design. 
Properly finished and maintained, cedar will deliver decades of trouble free service. Despite all efforts at imitation, no man-made product can match the performance qualities of Western Red Cedar. 
Planed Square Edge (PSE) 
PSE is used in internal joinery applications where a precise finish is required. It is a kiln dried wood which guards against twisting and splitting. There are often 2 sets of profile measurements next to the title of a PSE product. The first is the original size of the timber, the second, the measure in brackets, is the planed finished size of the timber, i.e. the actual dimensions of the finished product you would receive. This is because PSE timber loses some of its width and height during the planing process. 

Construction Timber 

C16 Sawn Carcassing 
C16 graded timber allows for a number of defects that may reduce the overall strength of the wood, such as grain deviations and wanes. We mostly keep good quality imported graded carcassing timber most of which is C24 grade. 
C24 Sawn Carcassing 
C24 has fewer defects than C16 timber and is therefore stronger and more resilient than C16. You will also find that C24 has a more uniformed and neat appearance as there are fewer physical imperfections on the surface. Due to good relationships with our suppliers, we can often offer C24 at the same price as our competitors who are offering C16. 
Treated C16/C24 
We can also offer pressure treated timbers which involves preservatives being forced into the timber, not just surface coating it, in order to enhance protection. Pressure treated wood is used in domestic and commercial construction, as well as for decking, fencing and other landscape gardening features, such as arbours. 
CLS refers to timber that adheres to the Canadian Lumber Standard; it is specially kiln dried Whitewood that has been planed and finished with eased edges for precision. It is very popular in construction thanks to it being an affordably priced, strong timber of uniform shape and size with good resilience against fire. 
C16 Purlins 
Quality Treated Timber Purlins. These are commonly used on the roofs of agricultural buildings to support roof sheets such as Fibre Cement and Box Profile. The timbers are treated to ensure a long lasting life and because of their depth and width they won’t tend to sag when put on a building. 
Roofing Batten 
Roofing battens are used to provide the fixing point for roof tiles, slates and sheets and carry the extra loads caused by wind and snow. All our battens are type A graded and are available from stock in 19 x 38mm, 25 x 38mm & 25 x 50mm all of which are sold per metre. 
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