See below for a brief description into the differences of hardwoods, and what they can be used for. 

Hardwood Differences 

Our customers have access to a full range of Hardwoods for delivery or collection; sawn or machined to your bespoke requirements. We can offer this enhanced service after our 2009 acquisition of the Hardwood Supplier Crosskiln, based in Ossett, near Wakefield. 
Since this time we have introduced a full range of Hardwoods to the Hull branch making us one of the largest Hardwood stockists in the area. 
For more details on the differences between the hardwoods that we stock please see below. 

American and European Hardwoods 

White Oak 
White Oak is one of the most versatile hardwoods in the world, renowned for its beauty. It's uses include furniture, flooring and mouldings. We keep American and European oak in stock, Euro can be used for exterior whereas American oak can not. 
White Ash 
Like the Oak this is a very versatile hardwood and can be used for furniture, carpentry, sporting goods and robust jobs as the timber is strong and is able to take shocks without shattering, it is still used by some car makers for frame work. We stock the North American species. 
White & Brown Maple 
Also known as Acer, A versatile timber that is renowned for its hardness and as such can be used in flooring projects, other uses are furniture making and general carpentry. The species we keep is the North American Hard White Maple and the North American Brown Maple. 
The timber is light in weight but very strong and easily worked, it takes stains very well and can be used for internal joinery, furniture, carcassing and mouldings. The species we keep comes from North America.. 
Black Walnut 
A fruit tree providing the walnuts we love to eat which produces a beautiful dark wood that can be easily worked and used for high end projects including doors, quality furniture and flooring, the species we keep derives from the United States. 

Tropical Hardwoods 

Iroko commonly used as a Teak substitute due to its colour and durability for outside projects but not related botanically to Teak. As stated Iroko can be used for various exterior projects including garden furniture, fencing and gates. 
Sapele is a very versatile and commercially important hardwood and can be used for various projects including furniture, windows, conservatories, doors and frames being a mahogany substitute but is substantially harder on a par with English Oak. 
An African hardwood closely related to Sapele, often used as a close Mahogany substitute for furniture, carpentry, mouldings and turning. 
A very important commercial timber that grows throughout South East Asia (Shorea acutely covers around 196 different species including Lauan, Seraya and Balau) extensively used for Joinery, windows and doors. 
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