Fencing How-To 

If you'd like to keep costs down to a minimum, you might want to erect your own fence, 
no matter the style most fence builds follow a similar set of rules, 
For a simple how-to guide and some prices of items you might require see below
Step 1: 
Firstly the decision has to be made as to what sort of fence is required, from lap panels, palings or featheredge boarding. Also what needs deciding is what type of posts are being used, timber or concrete, and how they are being fixed to the ground, they can be concreted in, or timber posts can be fitted with metpost spikes or bolt downs. 
Once decided measure the area required to cover, and get the appropriate goods to do the job. 
Step 2: 
Once space between posts has been measured select your desired fitment options and set out posts. If using postcrete, dig a hole and follow the instructions on the bag to get the mix right, using a spirit level erect the posts and leave to set. If using bolt downs, drill holes in the ground and fix using the appropriate fixings, timber screws for timber bases, or concrete screws or anchor bolts for concrete bases. 
Step 3: 
Once the posts have been erected use U-clamps with timber posts to attach fence panels, or slide fence panels in to slotted concrete posts and pack out so that they don't move. 
Step 4: 
If erecting a fence which requires palings or featheredge boards, horizontal timber rails will have to be fixed to the posts for the boards to attach to. 
Once rails are fitted, start fitting panels beginning at the building and working away, if using palings ensure a small gap is left between each board so that there is room for swelling during poor weather conditions. 
After fitting a fence using palings you can then choose to cap it using treated fence capping, this will just slide over the top of the fence and can be secured using screws or by packing the small gap with small wedges of wood. 
Our Superior Grange fence panels start from £27.10 +Vat 
Timber posts from £4.76 
Concrete posts from £9.94 
Treated palings from £2.17 
3x2 Treated rails from £5.65 
Digging holes for posts.. 
Make sure posts are level.. 
Concrete posts using PostCrete.. 
Fix rails to posts, 1 top 1 bottom.. 
Leaving a gap between, fix panels to rails.. 
Repeat fixing panels until fence is complete.. 
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