DIY Wood panelling 
Give your wall a new lease of life from just £20 per wall 
If lockdown has you wondering what to do with your days, and you want something stylish to jazz your home up, one of the latest crazes that has been doing the rounds is DIY wood panelling. 
It is easy to do with minimal tools and with our great prices on MDF sheets it is also very inexpensive. 
Our cutting service can take a lot of the work out if you do not have any electric saws which makes this stylish addition to your home a stress free task. 
There are many different styles of panelling that people are creating so have a browse of our stock to see what suits your needs best. 
Call in branch or ring 01482 830730 for pricing and delivery options 
Goods Required 
MDF sheets, which come in a variety of thicknesses and can be cut to your specification 
Strong adhesive 
Caulking gun 
Panel pins 
Wood filler in case of gaps in the joins 
Caulk incase of uneven wall surfaces 
Tools required 
Tape measure 
Spirit level 
Saw (if not taking advantage of our cutting service) 
Sander or sand paper 
Step 1 
Work out style and how many 'boxes' you want before you start and measure out amount of timber required. 
Step 2 
Cut out lengths for panels from sheets of MDF or use our cutting service to get all lengths machine cut for you! 
Step 3 
Stick strips to wall using strong adhesive, attaching vertical strips then horizontal strips 
Step 4 
Leave glue to dry and sand joints in sections for a smooth finish. 
Step 5 
Fill any gaps in joints and behind panels if the wall is not 100% straight, sand smooth and prime ready for painting 
Call in branch or ring 01482 830730 for pricing and delivery options 
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