If you would like to lay your decking yourself, we have put together a handy how-to guide, although different decked areas will require a slightly different approach. 
Decking How-To 
Step 1
Planning - First decide where you're decking is going, then clear the site from weeds, rocks and other obstructions. 
Think about drainage at this point too if not fitting a proper under deck drainage system which may be costly. 
Once cleared of obstructions put weed killer down to stop any other growth after fitting and then lay a weed barrier down. 
Step 2
If laying decking on solid ground, spread pea gravel over the weed barrier so that the frame isn't submerged due to heavy rainfall. 
If laying decking on a raised frame mark out post placement, 1mt - 1.5mt away from each other and fix posts to frame, once marked out dig holes and concrete posts into ground. 
Step 3
Make the outer frame, if required to attach frame to the building, 1st attach a ledger board to the building using anchor bolts, then screw decking frame to this board. 
Make sure to fix the frame together with two screws at each joint to prevent the decking sagging once erected. 
Step 4
Now it's time to fix the joists, measure between the outer frame and cut to size, using 400mm gaps between joists for a rigid deck, more than this may result in the decking boards bending when standing on them. 
At this point if required it is time to attach newel posts where any balustrades are going. 
Step 5
Start fitting deck boards, begin at the building and work away from it leaving a small gap of about 8mm between each board to allow for swelling when boards get wet. Each board should be fixed at all 4 corners, if using hardwood decking boards it is a good idea to pre-drill holes for the screws. 
If at the end you have a piece at the end that overlaps the edge of the frame it might be easier to screw into place and cut, rather than cutting before fitting. 
This is also the time to fit any edging on raised decks to cover up frame or gaps that are on show. 
Step 5a: 
If fitting lights to your decking on solid ground, make sure there is enough space between top of decking and the floor for the lights and cables to run through, otherwise there is risk of the lights protruding over the top of the decking. 
Step 6
Now if required is time to fit the balustrades, first fit handrails then attach spindles after, leaving 10cm gaps between each spindle. 
At N R Burnett we stock treated softwood decking from £5.89 +Vat per length 
Hardwood decking from £11.64+Vat per length 
and also Trex composite decking from £23.39+Vat per length 
Weed Membrane and Frame 
Weed Membrane and Frame 
Decking Lengths Ready To Lay 
Main Decking Laid 
Lowered Walkway Being Laid 
Decking Edged and Lights Fitted 
Lights Fitted and Tested 
Decking Stain Applied 
An area like this (~4mt x ~3.6mt) could cost from £400+Vat 
Opepe Hardwood Decking 
Treated Softwood Decking 
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