Using our Sapele hardwood, one of our customers, Steve Chapman has created a lovely summer house in his garden. N R Burnett supplied Steve with our 32mm x 125mm Sapele & 26mm x 150mm Sapele. 
Sapele is sold in its raw sawn as seen to the right. 
The rough sawn Sapele was then machined in house to 25mm x 100mm round edge decking and 18mm x 145mm NRB9 cladding (as seen on the left) 
This profile with the secret nail makes a great addition as no fixings can be seen once erected and fitted. 
In the sun you can really see the great orange colour of the Sapele hardwood 
At night the summerhouse looks equally impressive with the addition of decking lights 
Another view with the lights on 
N R Burnett would like to thank Steve for sending over the pictures and using us for his project, 
We love to see the end product which is a big leap from the raw material we supply! 
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