C16 Vs C24 Graded Timber 

N R Burnett Ltd stock C24 Graded timber as standard. 
C16 Graded Timber 
C16 timber properties make the timber product cost-effective because it has the strength and other properties, including bending, compression and density, that are required for use in construction, but it also has some defects. Defects such as grain deviations may affect the strength of the C16 timber, but C16 timber may also have some superficial defects such as sap stains and an uneven surface. 
Most C16 is 'Home Grown' and therefore reduces costs. 
C24 Graded Timber 
C24 timber is the more high-quality form of timber available and is obviously superior to C16 timber in both appearance and properties, but this is also reflected in the higher cost. C24 timber has few defects, both in characteristics and appearance, meaning that C24 timber is stronger and more resilient, whilst also being more aesthetically pleasing. However, C24 timber is often imported to achieve the required characteristics, further increasing the costs
N R Burnett Ltd stock C24 in mostly all of our construction timbers,  
but at competitive prices that beat our neighbours C16 home grown timber prices. 
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