Established in 1941, but with origins back to 1935, N.R. Burnett Ltd

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Environmental Statement

N R Burnett Ltd realises that certain areas of its business can have an impact on the environment. Therefore, it is our aim to balance our business trading with the need to protect the environment both locally and globally. N R Burnett Ltd is committed to conduct its business in a manner that will seek to ensure prevention of pollution.

N R Burnett Ltd aims to achieve and maintain compliance to all existing and future environmental legislation. To this end N R Burnett Ltd has developed this policy statement to provide the framework for setting and reviewing environmental performance.

N R Burnett Ltd will;

• Ensure compliance to present and future environmental legislation.

• Implement and operate a formal environmental management system

• Set and monitor environmental objectives and targets in order to reduce environmental impact

• Integrate environmental considerations into business decision making at all levels

• Consult with customers, suppliers and employees on environmental issues

• Develop procurement policies and address environmental issues relating to our suppliers and the products we distribute

• Formally review the environmental policy at regular intervals, updating where required

• Assign environmental responsibility throughout the company

• Use slow grown softwoods from responsible European Forests;

We have implemented, and will maintain, our Chain of Custody in accordance with the requirements of the applicable FSC and PEFC Standards